LM1876 - Not yet tested.

Updated: 10-12-2017

Key specs: symmetrical +/-10-32V or single 20-64V supply, 2x40W in 8 Ohm, 0.009% THD, 50mA quiescent current.
DC offset measured at outputs: - mV / - mV (TBD supply)

The LM1876 is a class AB stereo amplifier IC supplied in a 15 lead Wide TO-220 housing. The housing is similar in dimensions to the Multiwatt15 and ZIP-15 housings.
Seen from the specifications of the LM1876, it is improved over the LM1875 design and output power levels exceeding 40W (in 8 Ohm) should be possible. As for the LM1875, also LM1876 is intended to be supplied from a symmetrical power supply. LM1876 can be used with a single supply voltage only, but then a DC decoupling capacitor is used in series with the loudspeaker which is less attractive. The LM1876 has the interesting option of operating in a bridge configuration in which case much higher output power levels can be reached. However, for bridge configuration the output current limiter will kick in at output power levels of 80-90 Watt in 8 Ohm.
More protection functions are implemented.

The THD specification for the LM1876 approaches audiophile levels.

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