STA540 - Not yet tested.

Updated: 10-12-2017

Key specs: 8-22V supply, 2x20W in 8 Ohm, 0.02% THD, 150mA max. quiescent current.
DC offset measured at outputs: - mV / - mV (19V supply)

The STA540 can be seen as an improved version of the TDA7377. The main advantage of the STA540 is that it can handle a supply voltage of up to 22V while the TDA7377 only 18V. Thus, STA540 can supply a higher output power. Both STA540 and TDA7377 offer the possibility of using the four integrated amplifier blocks individually or in bridged coupling. The four channel individual use does not offer much output power (4x10 Watt in 4 Ohm) so the bridge use (stereo) is most relevant. The STA540 and TDA7377 have got similar THD values.

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