TDA7294 - Not yet tested.

Updated: 10-12-2017

Key specs: symmetrical +/-10-40V supply, 80W in 8 Ohm, 0.005% THD, 30mA quiescent current.
DC offset measured at outputs: - mV (+/-38V supply)

The TDA7294 is the second most powerful monolithic class AB amplifier from STMicroelectronics. It is part of a family of single chip class AB amplifiers also including the TDA7293, the TDA7295 and the TDA7296. These four family members have very similar specifications except for supply voltage, quiescent current and maximum output power and it is expected that their sound will be quite similar. They all use power DMOS transistors in the output.

Judged from the THD value of 0.005% the TDA7294 provides audiophile performance. Both TDA7293 and TDA7294 will be tested in order to confirm similarity in performance.

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