TEA2025 - Not yet tested.

Updated: 10-12-2017

Key specs: 3-12V supply, 5W in 8 Ohm (mono bridge), 0.5% THD, 35mA quiescent current.
DC offset measured at outputs: - mV / - mV (12V supply).

The TEA2025 can be seen as a beefed up version of TDA2822. Both are intended for low power operation from a low voltage supply, often a battery. An important feature of TEA2025 is that it can be bridged (mono) to supply a significantly higher output power in an 8 Ohm load than if used in stereo configuration. Under Absolute Maximum Ratings it is specified that the output current must remain below 1.5 Ampere. With an 8 Ohm load that means the voltage across the load must be less than 12V. Some voltage-drop across the output transistors is inevitable and a 12V power supply can be used for a bridge-coupled TEA2025 driving an 8 Ohm load.

The TEA2025 is supplied by more manufacturers. An important supplier is STMicroelectronics from whom the above specifications are found. STMicroelectronics supply their TEA2025 chip in a 16 pin DIL housing described as PowerDIP12+2+2. The idea with this package is that the 4 pins in the middle, two on each side, are used for cooling of the chip through enlarged copper-pads on the PCB. A cost efficient solution for low power use.

The TEA2025 is an alternative to the switched PAM8402 amplifier when only little output power is needed.

Comparative tests will not be performed with the TEA2025.

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