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Updated: 10-12-2017

This internet site is associated with the DIYBudgetElectronics.com site and no other Internet sites.

As you may already have noticed, this site has about the most simple, or primitive if you like, layout on the Internet today. This is actually intentional. It is the aim to present information that is accepted by any browser and fast in being displayed. Therefore, plugins, scripts and cookies are intentionally avoided. It is our hope that you will visit and appreciate the information about electronics without missing presentation gadgets.

Actually, the site has been created on the basis of a book describing the HTML 4 standard. A part of the code ended up being HTML 3.2. For a start it was expected that a reasonably simple HTML-editor, with regular updates, could be found under the GPL license. This was not really the case as few are available under the GPL and those available seem not regularly updated or continued. It was feared that if an HTML-editor was chosen and then discontinued, it would be complex to change for another editor. Then rather stay with the very standard.

We will start with audio amplifier constructions - a topic that involves multiple facets of electronic design. Audiophile power amplifier design in particular has challenged DIY enthusiasts and professionals for decades.
Later we intend to look into power supplies. Power supplies for audio power amplifiers is a topic that often got less attention. Sometimes the performance of an audio power amplifier can be improved importantly by replacement of the power supply with a better one.
We also have some vague ideas about measurement systems that are expensive to buy as commercial products. The future will show.

At present no forum is linked to this site. Good forums concerned with "Do It Yourself" audio exist.
For questions or comments about audio issues a forum like diyAudio (.com) is suggested. There are many members who seem very competent. Some participants on this forum are aiming at systems beyond the intention with this site but many of their concerns are the same as for the budget systems presented here.
DIY Audio Projects (.com) offers another forum.


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